The Rise of the Moon I : The Story
The Rise of the Moon is a fictional story about an ordinary girl named Sia (1) who moves to the west in search of a better life. Despite the new standard of living and freedom that she gains, there is a tradeoff, a disconnection from her origins.

One day, in the shift towards the new world order, Sia adopts the role of the new superpower, designated by the universal force that rotates every century. By 2050, she is predicted to rule the world. With surprise and confusion, she realises her dream has come true – a chance of turning this place into a place where she belongs. But will this turn out to be a good dream or a nightmare? – this is not preordained.

Global shifts are infused with fiction, captured through metaphors, imagined characters and supernatural powers. As reality becomes the script for a fantastical story, fiction becomes a necessary means of dealing with the real. A speculation for the 21st century (2), The Rise of the Moon is told through the eyes of the new Asian superpower, who just happens to have blue eyes and blond hair.

(1) Featuring 'Sailor Moon' an original Manga by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha Ltd. (1992)
(2) The Asian Century

Introduction to the Asian Century

The Rise of the Moon Trailor

The Rise of the Moon Manga